Helping You Develop eCommerce
Website Design & Development

Building pretty websites aren’t rocket science, but creating conversion-ready website
experiences are; especially when it comes to eCommerce.

We Build eCommerce Website Development That Convert

If you have an awesome product or software but you’re not sure how to launch or promote it, you’ve reached the right company.

Our team of eCommerce web design experts is eager to work with you. We understand conversion architecture and the science behind converting your eCommerce store traffic into potential leads and ultimately, sales.

Developing eCommerce websites requires a different approach; a proven methodology that understands your consumers. Only an expert team who is trained in the science behind visitor conversion and behavior can help you craft the right story that will lead your audience down the right path to take the desired action.

We can help you create a Shopify store or WooCommerce website or an eCommerce website on the platform of your choice. Our skills don’t just end while designing the website, we allow you to utilize this eCommerce store or website by growing your traffic and increasing your sales. If you’re excited about your growth goals and you’re looking to grow your customer base and increase your eCommerce sales, then nothing is more important than having a team that understands what converts and what diverts web traffic and visitors.

eCommerce Website Developers: We’re Shopify Partners and WooCommerce Experts

At Funnelii, we are a Shopify partner and solution provider with a strong team of Shopify eCommerce website developers. You may already know that Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform that can be customized and scaled for growth. If you are looking for a team of experts that understand the customization of Shopify stores, then you are in the right place!

And if you own a Shopify store and are struggling to get it out there in front of your potential audience or are hoping to enhance your customer user experience on your website, then we’re here to help you.

Our website scientists help you create eCommerce experiences not just pretty-looking websites!

Given an opportunity, our team of eCommerce design development and performance marketing experts will help you create a brand experience that will matter to your end consumers.

What we can help you with:

Shopify allows you to customize your storefront and incorporate your unique requirements, features, and functionalities so you can scale and grow your business seamlessly.

ecommerce website design team

Are You Behind On Your eCommerce Sales and Growth Goals?

We are told by busy eCommerce store owners that most of the time they do not have a back end of trusted certified eCommerce developers to do the heavy lifting and it puts a drain on their time and resources. Do you feel the same?

We are proud of our years of experience managing award-winning eCommerce websites for our clients and are ready to work with progressive eCommerce store owners to create an interactive robust and fully functional web presence to help you succeed at what you do best.

Why Hire Us?

ecommerce website development team

eCommerce Developers: We’re Shopify Partners and WooCommerce Experts

Our approach is customer centric. We are focused on enhancing your storefront’s functionality, improve your end consumer’s experience and leveraging the overall traffic to increase your sales and create more opportunities.

To Help You Create Web Experiences That Really Matter, We Follow a Proven Strategy:

Understanding Goals:
We start every project with understanding your goals and needs.
Understanding Your End Consumers:

We lay a lot of emphasis on understanding your customers and their behaviors so that we can incorporate engagement and conversion elements in your store and get you the maximum return on your traffic.

We analyze your customers behavior through high level advanced analytics and heat maps to ensure our design is aligned with user behaviors and conversion.

Performance Audit & Review:

If you already have an eCommerce store, we will audit your existing website to ensure that we have identified areas that can be optimized immediately to gain quick wins.

We help you identify leakages in your funnel and correct them by either creating better landing pages, improved call to actions, enhancing your existing content or rewriting content that will better resonate with your audience, thereby leading them to take an action and eventually growing your sales.

Design and Build eCommerce websites:

We build and design websites to convert, scale and grow.

 Our designs are clean, modern and
development is error-free code for higher performance and responsiveness. Our
aim is to attract and engage your eCommerce store visitors to maximize sales
and growth.

Promote and Optimize:
Our digital marketing experts and eCommerce certified funnel experts help you promote and market your store to attract the right audience and grow your store steadily. 

Learn More About our SEO and Performance Based Marketing Services

Having an eCommerce store is one thing, but marketing that eCommerce store is a totally different ball game. At Funelii, we utilize some proven methodologies and skills to help our clients market their stores on Amazon, Google shopping , through Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat campaigns.

From small retailers to enterprise level eCommerce stores in SAS products, managing budgets ranging from $5000 a month up to $200,000 a month, we’ve done it all!