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Funnelii is your team of digital marketing creative and ad experts who are committed to driving insights & impact that allow you to scale and grow your business!

We work with eCommerce companies to help increase their revenue, conversions and brand awareness. Through an omni channel and digital marketing approach we provide results through leveraging performance paid ads marketing expertise in Google Ads, SEO, Google Shopping, Conversion rate optimization, content marketing, email marketing, social ads, marketing automation, Amazon store optimization and more!

eCommerce Store Development

Shopify & WooCommerce to design and develop robust eCommerce websites.

A robust eCommerce website serves as the foundation of your online store, and Funnelii understands the significance of utilizing the latest technologies to maximize profitability.

eCommerce Store SEO

Funnelii – Your Partner in WooCommerce store development
Funnelii helps you put the right strategies in place to boost your search engine rankings so that you can start generating more high quality leads and make more sales. Our clients experience scalable growth and we get these results by connecting your business to new targeted opportunities.

Google Shopping and Paid Ads

Our team endevours to understand your customers and develop strategies to engage them throughout their shopping journey to increase your conversion rate. Our focus is to get you the maximum Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). With our knowledge and expertise, the Funnelii optimization formula promises to get you quick wins and increased online sales.

We focus on all major paid channels like Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping, Bing Ads, Bing Shopping, Retargeting Ads, Social Ads on Facebook and Instagram and more.

Optimizing product images with Google shopping is a very effective strategy for eCommerce brands.

We Service

eCommerce Store Owners
eCommerce Store Owners
Shopify Merchants
Shopify Merchants
New eCommerce Companies
New eCommerce Companies